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TOEIC Exam Ireland

TOEIC Exam Ireland

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Test of English for International Communication

Horner School of English is an open center for the TOEIC Exam Ireland.

You can take the TOEIC test here at the Horner School in Dublin City, without taking an English Language Course. We offer a test date every month, usually on the the first Friday of each month.

Click here to download our TOEIC Examination Registration Form

TOEIC Exam Details

Why Take the TOEIC Exam? It tests your English Level with an emphasis on ability to communicate within an international working environment
What papers will I sit? The test comprises of 200 multiple choice questions divided between Listening and Reading sections and lasts 2.5 hours (including test and administration of paper). Also see our blog article here
What English Level do I Need ? Intermediate to Advanced
How to prepare Standard Plus Business Course (26 lessons). This course will cover all the language necessary for success in the TOEIC.
Where is the Exam taken? Horner School of English, 40 Fitzwilliam St. Upper at 14.00 hrs on the following dates

15/07/16 19/08/16 23/09/16 07/10/16
18/11/16 20/01/17 10/02/17 03/03/17
10/03/17 07/04/17 12/05/17 09/06/17
07/07/17 11/08/17 08/09/17 06/10/17


TOEIC Exam Registration and Cost

Download our TOEIC Registration Form HERE. Please complete the registration form and send it back to us by email ( ). The closing date is normally 15 days in advance of each exam date (although please note that some exam dates can get get fully booked before the closing date so it is best to book early !). You will receive an invoice, payment instructions and exam confirmation by email (within 24 hrs). Full fees should be paid as soon as possible by credit/debit card at   All fees are non-refundable. The TOEIC Exam costs €135.00, which includes your TOEIC Listening & Reading Examination and a Score Report. If you want to receive an extra decorative certificate the cost is €20.00. Your test results can be collected here at the school OR sent by registered mail, usually within 20 days.   For general information on the TOEIC exam please click here

What To Bring On The Day of the TOEIC Exam

The TOEIC Examination is held at Horner School of English 40 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2. The test will commence at 14.00 hrs. Please arrive to the test centre 15 mins before i.e. at 13.45 hrs.  On entry to the test room you will be asked to show your passport or EU Identity Card. It is not possible to sit the test without providing a valid passport or EU Identity Card (photocopies are not accepted). Personal items such as mobile telephones, bags coats and any other personal items must be left with the test invigilator for the duration of the test. You should bring a HB pencil, a pencil sharpener and a strong eraser.

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