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Great Teachers

Great Teachers

All of our teachers have been carefully selected to reflect the general high standards of the School, as follows: Qualifications: All teachers must hold (minimum standards): A University Degree and ACELS Recognised Teaching Qualification. Experience: Minimum three years practical TEFL teaching experience using modern teaching methods.  All teachers at Horner School of English are native English speakers! 

John BJohn B: John has worked in the Horner School of English since 2011. He has been a teacher for 14 years and has taught in Italy, Poland, Japan and Ireland. Students in John’s classes often comment on his personal dedication to their improvement. “John is a very nice and humorous teacher so I learned English pleasantly.” (Ayako , Japan)




NessaNessa M: Nessa joined the Horner School in 2012. She comes from Dublin and has spent the best part of the last 10 years teaching English at home and also in Spain and Italy. One of the things she enjoys most about the Horner School is teaching such a great mix of Nationalities. “Nessa’s advanced class is really professional.” (Lukas, Switzerland)




JenniferJennifer L: Jennifer joined the school in 2011 and has been teaching English since 2005. She comes from The United States and has taught in Ireland and England. Jennifer is equally at home teaching Elementary general English and intensive CAE preparation classes. “I love Jennifer. She explains very well even complicated subjects.” (Floriana, Switzerland)




MichaelMichael B: Michael has been teaching in the Horner School since 1995. He has many years of experience in sales/marketing and 30 years teaching in secondary schools in Ireland and Zimbabwe. Michael excels at incorporating new media into his classes and using technology to supplement his lessons. “I feel comfortable in Michael’s class so I can learn very well” (Yuko, Japan)




PadraigPadraig O’: Padraig originally joined the Horner School in 2000 before moving to South Korea to teach English. He returned to the Horner School in 2010 and has taught every type of class the school offers. Padraig’s friendly personality helps students feel comfortable and confident in what can sometimes be a stressful and life changing experience. “Padraig is very kindly, attentive to everybody, helpful, patient for explaining.” (Magdalena, Slovenia)




Tom TTom T: Tom joined the Horner School in 2012. Aside from Dublin, his home town, he has also taught English in Germany and Italy (where he developed a weakness for coffee!) and he maintains a strong interest in both cultures and languages. Tom’s sporting passion is football (soccer), especially five-aside, but he is also an avid Leinster rugby supporter, and occasionally he will even play a little chess! Tom’s teaching style is relaxed and focused with a good mixture of laughter and serious study. ‘Tom is a wonderful teacher, amazing psychologist and an excellent guy.’ (Artem, Russia)



JulieJulie C: Julie joined the school in 2009. She excels at mixing dynamic and fun lessons with serious study and results driven performance. Her calm and creative style of teaching brings students out of their shells and encourages them to take chances with their English. Julie is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting” (Danielle, Brazil)




ConorConor Mc: Conor joined the school in 2009. He is a practising solicitor and music fanatic. He likes to incorporate current events into his lessons so that students can use their newly learned English outside of class immediately. Conor “loves his job and tries every day to improve English of his students.” (Ambra, Spain)




John MJohn Mc: John has worked in the school since 2009. He has taught in Ireland, Belgium and Germany and he has taught English to employees of the European Parliament, European Commission and the European Council. John has made a name for himself in the school with his innovative and creative ways of teaching exam classes. He’s the perfect exam preparation teacher” (Kathrin, Switzerland), “John is a genius” (Clara, Italy)




ArranArran H: Arran taught his first English language class back in 1989, teaching in Oxford, Rome and Barcelona before returning to Dublin in 1996. Since then he has also worked in the film industry, as a critic, journalist and art history lecturer. Arran has taught at Horner School since 2010. He blogs about history, architecture, Irish visual culture, and nice walks you can do at “I particularly enjoy the teacher’s behaviour because he knows how to make us to be more confident.” (Manon, France)



CarolineCaroline O’: Caroline joined the Horner School in 2007. She has also taught in France and Spain. Her seemingly inexhaustible energy motivates her students and colleagues alike. She specialises in exam preparation and in getting students to speak. “Caroline’s explanations are very clear and even we are given a lot of vocabulary and expressions every day it is easy to follow the classes.” (Marta, Spain)




RobRob L: Rob has been teaching in the Horner School since 2008 and has taught in Ireland and France. Rob is equally at home teaching executive business, exam preparation and general English courses. His flexible and informative style of teaching ensures that he can cater to a wide variety of learners. “Congratulations to Rob on his wonderful work. My English has improved a lot since I started having classes, especially when it comes to vocabulary. He should get a promotion.” (Ilka, Brazil)



Stephen LStephen L:  Commenced employment at Horner School of English in Dublin in 2011 following the completion of his post graduate H.Dip in Education at the National University of Ireland.  The atmosphere in Stephen’s class is always lively, he encourages students to be very much involved in his lessons.  Stephen is actively involved in Irish Sport (GAA) and likes to incorporate Irish Cultural topics into his lessons. Students have described Stephen as being motivated, creative, positive and always friendly. “Thank you to Stephen for doing such an excellent job, he was well organised and his classes were always very pleasant”  



RobertRobert Mc: Robert has worked at the Horner School since 2008. He brings an extensive business and marketing background to his teaching and also excels at teaching general English and afternoon fluency classes. Robert’s friendly and caring personality helps him to get the most out of his students. “He’s dynamic!!, precise, clear and available.” (Fabienne, Belgium)

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