General School Information

Where is Horner School Located

  • Location Maps of Horner School
  • Printable Dublin City Map
  • Walking from Pearse Station

Opening Hours & Public Holiday Dates

  • Opening Hours 
  • Dates
  • Contact Information

The First Day of your Course

  • The Grading Test
  • The Orientation
  • The Interview

School Facilities

  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • School Library
  • Coffee Shop & Garden 

Why Choose Horner School of English

  • Find out why

Meet The Teachers

  • What Makes Our Teachers So Special
  • ACELS Accreditation

Section 2. Living In Dublin

 Public Transport Dublin City

  • Best Travel Card (Leap Visitor)
  • Links to Bus/Dart Train & Tram
  • How to use free Dublin Bikes

Horner School Airport Transfer Service

  • Cost for this Service
  • Meeting Points
  • Alternative transport links

 Students from Outside Europe

  • Do you need a visa ?
  • Working rights for non-EU students
  • Opening a Bank Account & applying for a Tax Number

Section 3. Examinations at Horner School

 Cambridge Exams at Horner School

  • Cambridge First Certificate
  • Cambridge Advanced English
  • IELTS Exams

TOEFL IBT Examination Info

  • What is the TOEFL IBT
  • 4 Sections of the test
  • How to Register

IELTS Test Ireland

  • Why take the IELTS
  • How to prepare for IELTS
  • How to Register

TOEIC Examination

  • Toeic Exam Dates in Ireland
  • How to prepare for TOEIC IBT
  • How to Register
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