general-information horner schoolOpening Hours

The Horner School of English is open from 08:30 – 17:30, Monday to Friday. The school is closed for classes on Saturday & Sunday however we offer a range of full day guided tours at the weekend !

Horner School of English

40 Fitzwilliam St. Upper, Dublin 2, Ireland +35316622911-

Emergency Contact

In the event of an emergency outside of normal office hours, please contact us at +353863886071

Academic Calendar – Term Dates for Classes in 2022

We operate a continuous enrolment system, students can join the courses on any Monday

  • 4 teaching terms during the academic year, with term commencement and finish dates for each level of the course. However it is also possible to arrive on any Monday and start your course whenever you wish. We operate a continuous enrolment system,  students can join the courses on any Monday. Class groupings and teaching methods are planned to allow students to integrate easily and make progress quickly.

Public Holiday Dates 2022

  • Easter Holiday Arrangements 2022: Horner School will be open for classes on Good Friday 15th April 2022, we close for EASTER MONDAY 18th April 2022.
  • Christmas Holiday 2022 – 2023: From 17th December 2022 to 08th January 2023 (School reopens Monday 09th January 2023). No classes operate during the Christmas holiday period.  The school office will remain open on a part-time basis to assist new students to reserve courses and accommodation. Classes start again on 9th Jan 2023. Contact us should you require any further  information.