Summer English Language Course in Dublin

Our recommendation for a 3 week Summer Course in Dublin for Adults  - Summer 2019. The Course: We recommend our most popular English language course - the Standard English Course. This course is available at 5 different levels from elementary to advanced. On your first morning at Horner School you will sit a short grading test and a speaking interview with a teacher to establish your correct level for class. We will then place you in the best class group for your studies. You will study from 09. [...]

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How to Choose Your English Language School in Dublin City

Here are our top 10 recommendations for "How to Choose the best English Language School in Dublin City" Recent research by the Irish Government estimates that more than 100,000 international students study English in Ireland each year. Many students choose Dublin as their study destination . There are approximately 66 regulated English Language Schools in Ireland and numerous English Language schools in Dublin City, so how do students choose the best english language schools in Dublin from such [...]

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Thinking about buying a bicycle in Dublin ?

BICYCLE RECYCLING SHOPS LOCATED IN DUBLIN  Cycling is a very popular mode of transport in Dublin City and with the rising costs of public transport in the city, you will find that investing in a second hand bicycle is perhaps the most economical way of getting to and from work or school each day.  Dublin is a relatively flat city (not so many hills) and many of the streets now have dedicated cycle lanes. There are a number of shops in Dublin that take old bikes and recycle them into working mach [...]

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Special Offer for Cambridge Examination Courses in Dublin

FREE Cambridge FCE or CAE Exam ! We are offering a FREE Cambridge FCE or CAE Exam (value of €215) to all students who register on a Cambridge Preparation Course for 8 weeks or longer. Cambridge Examination Preparation Courses are available at two levels: • B2 Upper Intermediate - Cambridge English: First (FCE), is one of our most popular exam courses, accepted by thousands of businesses and educational institutions worldwide. • C1 Advanced - Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE), is proof of a high- [...]

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Free English Classes at Horner School Dublin

Upcoming Free English Classes At Horner School, Dublin Did you know ...... When you study at Horner School of English you can also attend a range of free English classes which are arranged every month.  These classes take place in the afternoons. We sometimes go outside the school, to museums and art galleries to see interesting exhibitions.  It's a really great way to improve your English language skills ! See below a list of our next free English classes: Free English Classes at the Nationa [...]

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Cambridge FCE & Cambridge CAE Examinations Results

Congratulations to our students who recently sat the Cambridge FCE & Cambridge CAE Examinations in Dublin! We are delighted to report that all students passed their exams in December with either a grade C or a grade B result. Results for the December 2017 examinations have just been released and students may log on to The Cambridge Examinations Web Site to check their results. Horner School of English provides specialist preparation courses for the Cambridge FCE & Cambridge CAE Examina [...]

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TOEIC Test in Dublin

Test of English for International Communication  Horner School of English is an authorised test centre for the TOEIC Examination in Ireland. We offer the TOEIC® Institutional Reading & Listening Test at the Horner School of English premises, 40 Fitzwilliam St. Upper, in Dublin City Centre. TOEIC TEST DATES 2021 Registration Here for the TOEIC Institutional Exam The TOEIC Exam costs €120.00, which includes your TOEIC® Institutional Reading & Listening Test and a Score Report. Test r [...]

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Winter School Term Starts Today

Welcome to our new arriving students and welcome back to all returning students. We hope you had a relaxing Christmas and New Year Holiday. Our Winter School Term starts today Tuesday 2nd January 2018, classes will run for 12 weeks until Friday 23rd March.  The new textbook for morning classes this term is Cutting Edge 3rd Edition, which is available at all levels. Check with Valentina at School Reception for further information about your new classroom and class teacher. Textbooks are also ava [...]

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Spooky Goings-On at Horner School

Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Carving Event Halloween falls on Tuesday October 31st. On Halloween night, Irish children dress up in scary costumes and call to neighbouring houses to collect sweets and treats, for the Halloween Party. In Ireland we have a Public Holiday on the last Monday in October. This year our Halloween holiday will be Monday 30th October. In the week leading up to Halloween, we invited our students to take part in a pumpkin carving event. You can see the photos below:   &nb [...]

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AUTUMN TERM – Begins Monday 18th September 2017

The New school term (THE AUTUMN TERM) will begin on Monday 18th September 2017. All students attending class from that date will be starting in the new classes. The textbook to be used in morning class will be English File 3rd Edition, available at all levels. End of term grading assessments will take place here at the school, next week 11-14 Sept. @ 14.00hrs.  Students (already attending Horner School) who wish to change level should sit the end of term assessments.  Check with Valentina at Rec [...]

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Accommodation Choices at Horner School of English

At Horner School of English we offer a wide range of accommodation choices. The most popular student choice is Host Family Accommodation.  We have recorded the booking choices of our students over July, August & September 2017 to produce this pie chart which illustrates the percentages of students choosing the various accommodation types: RESULTS OF OUR RESEARCH: (Accommodation Choices at Horner School of English, Dublin) As you can see from the chart the most popular accommodation choice is [...]

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SHORTLISTED – Star English Language School Europe 2017

Horner School of English has been shortlisted for the 2017 StudyTravel Awards as STAR English Language School, Europe 2017.   We are now one of the FIVE final schools shortlisted for 2017. The winning school will be announced at an awards ceremony in London on 2nd September which will be attended by 860 school owners and travel agents from all over the world. The StudyTravel STAR awards showcase top-class performance, achievement and outstanding standards across the Language School Communit [...]

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Cambridge Examinations Results June 2017

Congratulations to everyone at Horner school who sat the Cambridge Examinations in June 2017. We are absolutely delighted to report that we achieved a 100% Success Rate. Please see below the pass rate percentages for both exams: FCE Results Horner School Dublin 2017 100% PASS RATE Percentage Pass at Grade A     25% Percentage Pass at Grade B     50% Percentage Pass at Grade C     25% Percentage Council of Europe Level B1     0% Percentage Not Reported     0% Percentage Not Reported     0%   [...]

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Nationalities at Horner School (July, August & September)

  There are approximately 30 different nationalities currently studying English at Horner School. Learning English in class with students of many different nationalities and cultures is (in our opinion) the best way to learn the language. Mixed nationality classes offer for more interesting class discussions and debates. Learning about different cultural traditions and values is a very important part of the learning experience! See below a list of nationalities currently attending Horner Sc [...]

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Are you looking for an English Language School which caters exclusively for adults? At Horner School of English, we have a team of excellent teachers, a comfortable school building in Dublin City Centre and a fun social programme tailored to the needs of our adult clients. The minimum age at Horner school is 18 years, the average age in class is 25 years. Below you can see a breakdown of our student age profile for June 2017 Students Aged 18 – 20 years old:    17 % Students Aged 21 – 30 years ol [...]

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NEW SUMMER CLASSES – Start Monday 26th June 2017

Our next term (THE SUMMER TERM) will begin on Monday 26th June 2017. All students attending class from that date will be starting in the new classes. The new textbook being used in morning class will be National Geographic Series which is available at all levels. End of term grading assessments are running here at school on Thurs 15 and Friday 16 June @ 14.00hrs.  Students (already attending Horner School) who wish to move up a level from Monday 26 June should sit the end of term assessments.  C [...]

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Take an Examination Preparation Course this Season!

  Are you thinking about English Language Examinations this year?   You can study for the following Internationally recognised exams here at Horner School:   Cambridge First Certificate Cambridge Advanced Certificate IELTS Test TOEFL Test   We provide courses throughout the year with specific starting dates for all of the above exams.  At this time of the year many students come to Horner School to study for an English Examination. Our team of EFL teachers are all highly qualified [...]

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Course & Accommodation in Dublin City Center

Looking for an English language Course with accommodation in Dublin City this Summer ? You should seriously consider The Standard English Course or the Standard Plus Fluency Course. Both courses are available every Monday and are offered at 5 ability levels. Classes are arranged in small groups with mixed nationalities. Language assessments and progress tests are completed in class at the end of every week ! Our recommendation for Summer Accommodation in Dublin City Center is IFSC City Residence [...]

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School Group Packages

During the academic school year Horner School welcome school groups from all over the world. School groups travel with their teachers (group leaders) and stay with Irish host families for the duration of the stay.  Horner School arrange the full package as below. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE: English Classes 15 full hours per week.  In closed groups of max 15 students per class. 09:30 – 12:50hrs, Monday to Friday.  All textbooks and materials. On request, students over the age of 18 can atten [...]

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Tense Combinations with the Narrative Tenses

By Rob Lane In a previous article, we looked at the narrative tenses: past simple, past continuous, and past perfect. Although these tenses are not very difficult in theory, in practice, learners have difficulty using them fluently in conversation. In this article, we will look at how these tenses are typically combined using linking words to form more complex sentences. Before reading this article, I recommend that you read the article entitled The Past – Which Tense. To review, past simple i [...]

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