Erasmus+ Language and Professional Development Courses

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education & training in Europe. Our Erasmus courses in Dublin are eligible for funding under the Erasmus plus key action 1 plan (KA1 learning mobility of individuals).  Funding is available for individuals and groups. Sending organisations should make their funding applications directly to their local Erasmus+ Agency
At Horner School we provide Erasmus professional development courses for teachers & academic staff, Erasmus+ for vocational schools, visits to companies for business & technical schools. We work closely with Erasmus+ organisers and partner institutions to provide a personalised training programme for each project!
Erasmus+ participants get the opportunity to study abroad, gaining exposure to different academic systems, teaching styles, and cultural perspectives. This greatly enhances their academic and personal development.

Choose from our list of Erasmus+ courses below or contact us directly to discuss your Erasmus+ training project here in Dublin.

Projects currently in progress 2024:
  • Erasmus+ English Language and Culture.
  • Erasmus+ INTENSIVE – English Language and Culture
  • Erasmus+ English for the Workplace.
  • Erasmus+ Courses For Teachers & Academic Staff.

Horner School of English Erasmus + PIC (Identification Code): 94 72 76 102 | OID Number: E10163590

The following Erasmus+ courses are available to start every Monday: