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Student Information – What to do before your arrival !

On this page you can find all the information you need for your arrival to school. Please ensure that you complete each of the actions below before you arrive at Horner School of English.
  • Step 1. Read the Public Health Information on how the Covid-19 virus is spread.

  • Step 2. Read the frequently asked questions below.

  • Step 3. Answer the “Student Health Questionnaire” below. 

  • Step 4. Do the online grading test before arrival. 

  • Step 5. You must complete the ZOOM Video Call Interview before arrival. This is a short “one to one” interview with our Director of  Studies, to check your spoken level. You will receive an email invitation to the Zoom Call in the week before your arrival. 

Your class level will be determined by your Online Test Result and the result of your Zoom Speaking Interview.

All students will receive an invitation to a ZOOM Call (Online Speaking Interview), approximately 1 week before their arrival at the school.  Once you have completed your Zoom Interview, you will then receive by email, your class timetable and class level information. On arrival at the school you will receive your textbook, welcome pack (maps & information) & will be shown to your classroom.

1. How Covid-19 is Spread

The virus is primarily spread between people during close contact, most often via small droplets produced by coughing, sneezing, and talking. The droplets can also fall onto surfaces which can then become a possible source of infection .

More Information from HSE.ie

2. Frequently Asked Questions About Starting An English Course at Horner School.

Will all courses be available with face to face classes ?2020-09-30T16:48:59+01:00

Will all courses be available with face to face classes ?

Yes, all courses are available with face to face teaching. However some courses do also include a small element of online teaching (blended courses). Blended courses involve a combination of face to face classes (morning lessons) in combination with some part-time online teaching taking place in the afternoons.

The following courses have an element of blended delivery (i.e. 20 lessons face to face + 6 lessons online):

  • Standard Plus Fluency – 20 lessons face to face + 6 lessons online
  • Standard Plus IELTS – 20 lessons face to face + 6 lessons online
  • Cambridge First Course – 20 lessons face to face + 6 lessons online
  • Cambridge Advanced Course – 20 lessons face to face + 6 lessons online

Blended delivery courses consist of morning face to face classes taken here here at the school in combination with ONLINE afternoon classes where your teacher will be teaching using ZOOM & Google Classroom.

Online classes are delivered using the ZOOM platform in small online groups and our students also have access to Google Classroom where class assignments, homework and learner progress are recorded.

Are there any changes to the timetables or lesson times during Covid 19 ?2020-08-14T15:48:03+01:00

Yes, there will be new staggered arrival times and starting times for each class. Coffee break times and departure times will also be fixed according to each class. All students will receive their individual course timetable (by email) approx. 1 week before commencement. This staggered arrival method will help to minimise congestion in entrances, staircases and corridors during the entrance and exit times. We will also be reducing all lesson hours to 45 minutes during the duration of the pandemic. Example:  So where a 20 lesson course is booked this will now be equivalent to 15 full hours of tuition.

How will the Horner School ensure the safety of students and staff at the school ?2020-08-17T15:18:46+01:00

Staff and students will be required to keep a distance of at least 1 metres and to follow hand washing and respiratory hygiene guidelines.

Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the school. All staff and students will be asked to sanitise their hands on arrival and throughout the day.

Social distancing of 1 meter between student desks will apply. Students will be assigned their own desk in their classroom which no other student will use. Many classes will contain 6 to 8 students only. Students will be required to wear masks or face coverings in class.

Class start and finish times will be staggered to ensure that not all students are in the common areas at the same time. Individual timetables will be sent to each student by email approx. 1 week before arrival.

Classrooms will be cleaned and sanitised at the end of each day. Self-service cleaning stations will be positioned in every class to allow students and staff to clean surfaces and touch points, as they feel is necessary.

Teachers will be assigned to one class group only so as to reduce the risk of contamination .

Where possible doors and windows will be left open to maximise ventilation throughout the building and to reduce the need to touch door handles.

Reception and student services will be available on an online portal on the home page of our website, to allow our existing students to safely contact Horner School of English staff and to request documents for their stay. Use this page to ask our office staff for a Zoom Video Callback OR for a document that you urgently require (without needing to queue at reception).

Staff at the physical reception office will be located behind screens and only two students at a time can enter the Reception Desk area.

What accommodation options will be available from September for new arriving students ?2020-09-30T17:19:48+01:00

The Irish Government is currently operating a GREEN List of countries for international travel (you can travel to Ireland from any of these Green List countries without the need to restrict your movements after arrival for 14 days).

If you are arriving from one of the countries on the Green list , you can choose from any of the many accommodation options that we offer on our website and you can start your classes at school immediately (without restricting your movement for 14 days).  We can offer host family accommodation with selected families and/or we can provide student residence accommodation, with single bedrooms, private bathrooms and within walking distance of the school.

If you are arriving to Ireland from outside the GREEN List, we would strongly recommend that you choose residence accommodation.  You will be required to restrict your movements on arrival (for 14 days) before commencing your classes at Horner School and you can undertake this restricted period at the residence.

All accommodations are offered subject to availability, and we are happy to assist you with choosing the best accommodation according to your requirements.

Further detail on the GREEN List can be found here: https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/8868e-view-the-covid-19-travel-advice-list/ 

Further detail on how to restrict your movements can be found here: https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/managing-coronavirus-at-home/if-you-live-with-someone-who-has-coronavirus.html#restrict


Are there any extra items that I should bring with me ?2020-08-17T15:16:30+01:00

Please bring enough masks or face coverings and some personal hand sanitiser. Face coverings are mandatory on public transport in Ireland, and in supermarkets and shops. You will be required to wear a face covering in class and while on the school premises.

We strongly recommend that you bring a tablet or laptop with you as we will be providing some blended courses, online social activities and online materials.

We would also recommend you pack a thermometer to be able to monitor your own body temperature each day.

And don’t forget to bring pens and paper for your own use in the classroom.

Will there be a social programme running in the school from September to December 2020 ?2020-08-14T16:41:12+01:00

During the Covid-19 period, we will be operating a reduced programme of activities which will mainly include outside tours and online activities. Obviously it will be somewhat difficult to operate our normal full programme of coach tours but we will keep a close watch on current government guidelines and we hope to return to normal operations as soon as possible.

What happens if I get symptoms of Covid-19 during my stay ?2020-09-30T17:24:18+01:00
  1. Stay home if you are unwell or experiencing symptoms. Do not come to work/school.
  2. Immediately inform Horner School of the situation – use the emergency 24 hour number: +353 86 3886071
  3. Contact a GP in order to arrange a Covid-19 test. * School recommends, D2 Medical Centre Ph +353 1 6314500
  4. Self-isolate while waiting for the test and the test results.
  5. Contact Horner School again as soon as the test results have been received.

It is important to inform Horner School of your test outcome as soon as possible because further measures (contact tracing etc.) may need to be undertaken at the school, if the test result is positive.

If you experienced symptoms of Covid 19 but your doctor did not recommend a test appointment, you should stay home for 10 days (from onset of symptoms) please ensure that you have no further symptoms of illness and have maintained a normal body temperature for at least 5 concurrent days before returning to work/school again.

You must complete another “Student Health Questionnaire” before returning to class.

Information on How to Get Tested : https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/testing/how-to-get-tested.html

What is the cancellation policy if I am unable to attend my course due to Covid-19 (Sept to December 2020)2020-08-21T11:51:53+01:00

You may cancel your course for any reason up to 08 days before your course start date and receive either a full refund of your tuition fees or a tuition voucher, valid for 1 year.

In the event of a lock-down request from government or a whole class quarantine request from public health authorities, your classes will be moved online.

If you would like to read our FULL Terms and Conditions, please follow this link: Terms & Conditions (Horner School of English)


3.  Student Health Questionnaire

Click Here for Student Health Questionnaire