Host Family in Dublin

By David Horner

BedroomA large number of Irish families welcome foreign students into their homes, every year. In return, the Irish families (and their children) meet many new cultures and exchange ideas and traditions. These students mainly come from Europe: Spain, Italy, France & Germany. However, many students also travel to Ireland from South America and from Asia to learn English and study in the many top class universities of Ireland.

Horner School of English is a recognised English Language School in Dublin City. The school was founded in 1993 and is currently celebrating its 20th year in business. Many host families have been working with Horner School for more than 10 years. All host families have been carefully selected and every student completes an accommodation questionnaire at the beginning and end of their stay. All families on the Horner host family register have a proven past performance. Host Family Information Page

Most host families live in the suburbs of Dublin City within a radius of approximately 6 kilometres of the city centre. Students travel by bus or train from the family homes into the city centre, each day. The journey takes approximately 35 – 45 mins, depending on the time of travel. Click here for Dublin transport information.

Host families provide a single bedroom or twin bedroom sharing, depending on the requirements of each student. Breakfast and evening meals are also provided each day. Irish people eat a wide variety of foods and most diets can be catered for. Special dietary requirements should be advised to the school before arrival.

Meals are taken together with the family. Meal times are the ideal opportunity for foreign students to practice English and to connect with the family in a relaxed and informal way. Breakfast is taken at 7-8am and normally consists of a light meal, toast and jams, cereals such as cornflakes or porridge, fruit, eggs etc. Lunch is taken in the city, either a sandwich in Horner School or a light meal in one of the many coffee shops nearby. Dinner is served early in the evening, normally around 6.30 or 7pm.

Host families provide a fresh set of towels and a change of bed linen, each week. The family also wash basic laundry items, such as, jeans, tee-shirts etc.

Students become fully immersed in the language and culture of Ireland by living with an Irish family. Horner school further encourages this by placing no more than one nationality per family (one Spanish speaker, One French speaker etc.). Students are actively encouraged to speak English.

Host family details (family name, address, occupations) are sent to the students approximately 4 weeks before arrival in Ireland. Student arrival/departure is usually on a Saturday or Sunday. Host Family Accommodation is available throughout the year. Excepting the Christmas Holiday period i.e. the week before and the week after Christmas Day.

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