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Would you like to be a Host Family in Dublin ?

Have you thought about hosting an international student in your own home?  It’s a great way to meet new people, learn about their culture and earn an extra income in the process.  Horner School of English have been welcoming foreign students to study in Dublin City since 1993.  We provide a full package of services: tuition, accommodation and extra-curricular activities. Horner School is  a highly respected, long established member of our sector. We are recognised by M.E.I. & Quality English Associations and approved by ACELS (Irish Dept. of Education).

What we look for in a typical host family ?

We are looking for warm friendly host families to welcome our students into their homes and treat the student as a member of the family. Our students choose host family accommodation because they wish to experience the real flavour of life in Dublin.   If you are located on a direct bus route or near a DART station then we would love to speak to you.  Ideally we are looking for host families within a 45 minute travel distance to Fitzwilliam Street Upper.

Families Required !

Are you located on a direct bus route stopping nearby Horner School or living near a DART station, we would love to speak to you !


Families Required !

Ideally we are looking for families located no further than 45 minutes travelling distance from the school !


Learn More About Hosting Our Students:

Horner School of English is an English Language School mainly teaching adult students. The majority of our students are aged 18 years plus.  Our students travel from all over Europe, Asia and South America.  Adult students stay for an average of three (or more) weeks and require a single bedroom for the full period.  Host families can accommodate up to three adult students in their home but it is important to point out that only one student of each nationality is allowed per home. Adult students require half-board during the week i.e. breakfast & evening meal Monday to Friday with a light lunch provided by the host family on Sat/Sun (if the student is home at that time). A varied diet should be provided at all times.

At certain times during the year we cater for mini-stay school groups travelling to Dublin for short language & activity courses of 1 week duration.  These students are aged 15,16 & 17 years and usually prefer to be accommodated on a twin room basis (two students sharing together).  Groups require breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal, throughout their stay.

How to Become a Host Family for Horner School:


A member of our Accommodation Team will contact you to arrange a visit to your home to discuss your application in detail.

We will ensure that you understand and meet the requirements for host families as advised by ACELS (Advisory Council for English Language Schools).

Following a successful evaluation, a family profile will be created in our database, to include family members, pets, hobbies, room types etc.

Once registered as a Host Family, we will contact you (by phone, text message or email) whenever we require student placements.

If you confirm your availability to host a student, we will send you a written confirmation (by regular post) with the full details – name, age, nationality, the dates of his/her stay, type of bedroom required (single/twin room sharing), details of any allergies, special requirements etc.

Similarly we will confirm your host family details to the student.

Host family payments are made by Bank Transfer every 4 weeks or at the end of your students stay (if less than 4 weeks).

What are the responsibilities of being a Host Family2019-10-10T13:46:36+01:00


In general, our host families must provide a bed for the night, some meals every day and a safe and supportive environment for the student to live in during their stay. The student should be warmly welcomed into the family household and treated as a member of the family for the duration of the visit.

You should always consider the student’s welfare, safety and security both inside the home and outside the home. You should encourage the student to speak English as much as possible. You should try to resolve any problems that may arise during his/her stay. Your house should be clean and well-maintained throughout. The house should not be undergoing any major renovations or redecoration.  You should not plan to go away on holiday (leaving the student alone in the home) while the student is staying at your home. The maximum number of students which you should host in any household is three. Only one student of any particular mother tongue should be hosted, unless otherwise agreed with Horner School. A well balanced and varied diet should be provided. Students should be provided with a key to the home.

Host Families and Student Laundry2019-10-09T21:37:14+01:00


Bed linen and towels are provided by the host families. Our host families would usually cater for about one laundry wash per week per student. Students laundry can be included in the family wash. Students are advised that you will not hand-wash clothes, or be responsible for delicate clothes, heavy jumpers etc. Dry cleaning is also not normally provided.

What About Arrival & Departure Arrangements2019-10-10T13:36:35+01:00


Individual Adult Students: Some students may request an airport pick-up on arrival or a drop-off on departure. In these cases we always employ the services of a specialist transport company to provide the transfer service. Students must pay an extra fee for this type of service and arrangements are usually made well in advance.

Other students choose to take a taxi themselves directly to or from your house to the airport. Whichever method the student chooses, ours school will always inform you of the flight time and of the estimated arrival time, at your house.

Students Travelling Together as a Group: If your student is arriving/departing as part of a group, we will usually bring the group to a central meeting point and we will ask you to collect your student from that central location at a specific time. We will give you the flight number and arrival time for the group, so you can monitor the flight for any delays. Payment for collection is already included within the hosting rate agreed.

What Facilities Should be Provided for Students2019-10-10T13:49:47+01:00


Central heating and bathroom with bath/ shower which is freely available to the students with hot water every morning and evening. Don’t forget to explain how to operate the bathroom facilities as your student/s may not be familiar with the fittings !

The minimum requirements for the bedroom are:
A comfortable full size bed. A desk and chair. Adequate storage space for clothes. A bedside lamp. Adequate heating. Bed linen (to be changed weekly). Towels (to be changed weekly). All student bedrooms must have a window which can be opened to provide ventilation. A twin room (when booked), must contain two full size single beds.

What Meals Should I Provide for Students ?2019-10-10T13:39:47+01:00


The majority of our students require The Half Board Plan:  A light breakfast and a hot evening meal Monday to Sunday. Lunch should be offered on Saturday and Sunday (if the student is present in the home at lunchtime).

If The Full Board Plan is requested: Same as above PLUS a packed school lunch, Monday to Friday. If a packed school lunch is required, this will be notified and agreed with you in advance (at the time of booking). Lunch should be offered on Saturday and Sunday (if the student is present in the home at lunchtime).

In order for the student to feel included i.e. part of the family, he/she should never be left to eat alone. Please encourage your student to take the evening meal together with the family.  If your student is delayed you should keep the meal to be consumed later (when they return home).

Should I Give my Students a Key to the House?2019-10-10T13:22:14+01:00

Should I give a key to the house?

The majority of our students are aged over 18 years. They will often socialise with their school friends after class and on some evenings.  Host families usually give their students a key to the house so they can come and go as they wish.  Younger students (15, 16 or 17 years) attend our school as part of a mini stay group.  They are accompanied by group leaders who act as their guardians during the programme.  These younger students are usually given a key to the house but are also assigned a curfew time (a time to be back in the home each evening).

Remember to show ALL students how to correctly secure your property and don’t forget to discuss your general house rules, at the beginning of their stay.

What is Garda Vetting, Do I Need This?2021-11-03T14:51:43+00:00


This is only required if you plan to host students UNDER the age of 18 years. If you are planning to host students under the age of 18 years, you will be required to complete the Garda Vetting Process.  This process involves completing a questionnaire and providing a copy of I.D. (for each person aged 16 and over).  The Garda Vetting Procedure seeks to establish if there is any criminal record or specified information relating to the applicant/s which would prevent them from working with or hosting children in their home.

Step 1: Complete the NVB1 Vetting Application form for each adult (over 18 years) living at the host family address.
Step 2: If you have children aged 16 & 17 years we will contact you separately to complete a parent/guardian consent form.
Step 3: We will send each applicant’s details to MEI (Marketing English in Ireland) online. The MEI Garda Vetting Officer will collect the submissions and register the applicants on the Garda-Vetting system. You the applicant will receive secure login details and instructions by email to allow you to complete the online vetting process.
Step 4: You, the Vetting Applicants, have 30 days to login to the Garda-Vetting System and complete the vetting application (i.e. complete listing of all addresses lived in from birth to date).
Step 5: At the end of the vetting process you will be correctly registered to host students under the age of 18 years at your home.

Garda Vetting !

Would you like to host international students aged UNDER 18 years ? If so, please complete the Garda Vetting Application Form, to become correctly registered to host under 18’s.  Click here for more details.

Garda Vetting Application Here!