At Horner School of English we offer a wide range of accommodation choices. The most popular student choice is Host Family Accommodation.  We have recorded the booking choices of our students over July, August & September 2017 to produce this pie chart which illustrates the percentages of students choosing the various accommodation types:

RESULTS OF OUR RESEARCH: (Accommodation Choices at Horner School of English, Dublin)

As you can see from the chart the most popular accommodation choice is Host Family at 59%, followed closely by University Residence and Apartments at 37%. There are a small number of students 4% that do not ask us to organise accommodation for them, choosing instead to book their own accommodation or stay with friends and relatives.  When we have asked students for more details about their reason for choosing different accommodation types, we have discovered the following:

Choosing Host Family:

Advantages: Many students tell us that they prefer to stay with a host family because they would also like to learn and experience Irish culture and traditions. By living with an Irish Host Family they hope to experience a more full immersion in the culture.  Many students also consider the financial costs and calculate that living with a host family will be the most cost effective type of accommodation available.  They also like the fact that host families provide breakfast and evening meal Monday to Friday with all meals provided at the weekends.  For many students these are the most important factors in making their accommodation decisions.

Choosing Student Residence or Apartment:

Advantages: Many students tell us that they prefer the privacy and independence of living in their own private accommodation. Other students tell us that the most important factor in choosing Student Residence or Apartment is the location. All of our Student ApartmentsResidence/Apartment accommodations are located in the City Centre within easy access of the school.  Students like the fact that they can walk to the school and therefore do not need to purchase a bus/train transport ticket. At Dorset Point Residence our newest addition to our accommodations there is a full gymnasium located within the residence building which is available (at no extra cost) to the students and many students have chosen Dorset Point just because of this factor.

We are happy to assist you with your accommodation requirements please follow this link to learn more about the accommodation choices available at Horner School of English Dublin