Mini Stay Groups: Embark on a Language Learning Adventure

Dublin, is the capital city of Ireland and has long been a great place for junior groups and adult groups seeking cultural immersion, historic landmarks, and a taste of the renowned Irish hospitality. Mini Stay Groups usually come to Ireland with the main aims being to enhance their language skills and to experience the culture and the authentic Irish way of life.  Some groups travel with group leaders, who act a coordinators, some adult groups do not require a coordinator !  Dublin is a great location for a short mini-stay learning holiday. The city centre is small with lots of interesting places to visit. Horner School will design an individual plan for your group, including English classes, accommodation with Irish host families and school activities, excursions, and full day tours included. We can also provide transport passes and private coach pick-up at Dublin Airport on arrival and departure.

Language Learning in Dublin:

There are small number of professional language schools for groups in Dublin.  At Horner School of English, we offer immersive programs for groups, tailored to learners of most levels. From elementary to advanced speakers, our student groups come to Dublin City to improve their English proficiency.  We offer dynamic lessons, interactive activities, and real-world experiences. At Horner School of English, language school, we not only provide structured classroom instruction but we also offer cultural excursions, conversation clubs, and other learning opportunities, allowing students to practice their language skills in more authentic contexts.

Living with Host Families:

One of the most cherished aspects of a mini stay in Dublin is the opportunity to live with host families. These hospitable households open their doors to students, providing a warm and welcoming environment where cultural exchange flourishes. Living with a local family offers students a unique insight into Irish customs, traditions, and way of life. From sharing home-cooked meals to engaging in lively conversations, students forge meaningful connections that extend beyond the classroom.

Benefits for Mini Stay Groups:

Participating in a mini stay group program in Dublin offers a multitude of benefits for language learners. Firstly, immersion in the English language environment accelerates language acquisition, as students are constantly exposed to authentic speech patterns and colloquial expressions. Additionally, living with host families fosters cultural understanding and interpersonal skills, as students navigate cultural differences and build relationships based on mutual respect and appreciation.

Moreover, mini stay groups provide a supportive network of fellow learners, creating a sense of camaraderie and shared learning experience. Group activities, such as city tours, museum visits, and weekend excursions, not only enhance language skills but also foster friendships and create lasting memories. Furthermore, the experience brings unique perspectives and insights to the language learning journey.

Exploring Dublin:

Beyond the classroom and host family experience, Dublin offers a wealth of attractions and experiences waiting to be explored. From historic landmarks like Trinity College and Dublin Castle to cultural hubs such as Temple Bar and the Guinness Storehouse, the city is a treasure trove of discovery. Mini stay groups have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Irish culture through traditional music sessions, Gaelic games, and culinary adventures, experiencing the essence of Dublin first-hand.


In conclusion, mini stay groups embarking on language learning adventures in Dublin find themselves immersed in a rich tapestry of language, culture, and hospitality. Through language schools and living with host families, students not only improve their English proficiency but also forge meaningful connections and create lasting memories. Dublin, with its blend of history, culture, and vibrant atmosphere, provides the perfect backdrop for a transformative language learning experience. As mini stay groups depart from the city, they carry with them not only improved language skills but also a deeper appreciation for the Irish way of life.

What is Usually Included on a Typical Mini-Stay School Groups Programme at Horner School of English:

  • English Classes 15 full hours per week. In closed groups of max 15 students per class. 09:30 – 12:50hrs, Monday to Friday. All textbooks and materials.
  • On request, students over the age of 18 can attend our international classes.
  • Course Location: Classes are held in our main school building. Dublin City Centre.
  • Accommodation Host Family, twin rooms (2 students sharing), full board (breakfast, packed lunch & evening meal). Selected host families, in one area of Dublin, convenient to the bus and train routes to the school.
  • Airport Transfer Service. We will collect your group on arrival and transfer to the host families / accommodation. Also same on return.
  • Tours & Excursions Included Guided Tour of Dublin City after the first day of class. Full day Guided Coach Tour (Glendalough/Kilkenny City/ Galway City)
  • Free Group Leader Place with every 15 students.

Every group package is individually tailored to meet the requirements and the budget of the group. We work closely with the group leaders to arrange a package which usually includes collection at Dublin Airport on arrival & departure, accommodation with friendly host families nearby the school, English lessons with lots of speaking and cultural activities and an exciting social programme with afternoon, evening & full day tours at the weekend.

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