Admission & How to Make a Booking:

Please make your application through the online booking system. You will receive our Booking Confirmation & Invoice by email, within 24 (working) hours.  All bookings are subject to availability and subject to confirmation.

The minimum age at our  school is 18. The average age is 27 years. We occasionally accept students aged 17 years on condition that legal guardians have completed and signed a Parental Consent form. Students may start a course on any Monday. Students may study for any number of weeks (according to their own availability).

Policies & Downloads

View our information downloads & school policies for your reference.

Fees Payment:

On receipt of your Booking Confirmation & Invoice you should make a booking deposit payment of at least €300 to secure your booking.

If you are booking residence or apartment accommodation, an additional Residence Deposit Payment of €250 will be required immediately in order to secure your dates of stay.

The remaining balance of your total fees must be received by Horner School at least 28 days before your arrival. If you are booking less than 4 weeks before arrival, full payment will be required immediately. Horner School of English reserve the right to cancel course and accommodation bookings where we have not received the full payment within the specified time frame. Please refer to our cancellation terms and conditions below, for all cancellation details.

Payment can be made by any of the following methods:


Option 1: Online Payment With All Major Credit and Debit cards:

Please use our Secure On-line Payment Page. A charge of 2.45% will apply.  You can avoid / reduce bank charges by making a Bank Transfer. Bank Transfers within the EU do not incur bank charges.

Option 2: International Bank Transfer:

Please make payment to our business account: Account Details as Below:

Bank Name: Allied Irish Bank
Bank Address: 60 Clonskeagh Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14, Ireland
Account Name: The Horner School of English
Account Number: 12757085
IBAN Number: IE80 AIBK 9311 8712 7570 85
Swift Code: AIBKIE2D
Bank Code: 93 11 87

Please ensure that the student name appears on the bank transfer payment details. Bank transfers within the EU do not incur bank charges. If you are making a bank transfer from outside of the EU please add €15.00 to the payment to cover the bank charges.

Class Size, Levels and Textbooks:

The maximum class size is: 14 students per class. We guarantee five class levels, at all times, Elementary (A1), Pre-Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1). Placement in a particular class level is made on the basis of an online grading test and short interview. The grading test and interview must be completed online before arrival. Each level of the course takes approximately 12 weeks to finish.

Students may start a course on any Monday and study for 1 or more weeks. We operate 4 teaching terms during the school year: (Term 1) January to March; (2) April to June; (3) July to September; (4) September to December. See a list of term start dates HERE

We re-test all the class groups at the end of the teaching term.  We start new textbooks for each class level, at the beginning of each teaching term. Textbooks cost €45.00 per level. Students are usually required to purchase a new textbook (if for example, they change class level during the course or are they are present during the changeover of a textbook at the beginning of a school term). We do not provide a beginner level class, if you believe you are a beginner, please take our online test and contact us us by email, we will be happy to advise you of your level. Private individual lessons are available to beginners. See “One to One” Courses for more details.

Public Holidays:

The school is closed on public holidays (Bank Holidays). There is no replacement of lessons missed because of a public holiday. The starting day for all courses is normally Monday. When Public holidays occur on a Monday, then the starting day for all courses will be Tuesday. See here a list of School Holiday Dates

Holidays / Taking a Study Break:

Holidays may be taken by students if they attend long stay courses, that is, full-time courses of 12 or more weeks. 2 weeks holiday time is permitted for course bookings of 12 to 24 weeks. Up to 10 weeks holiday time is permitted for course bookings of 25 weeks or longer. Holidays must be requested in writing and agreed in advance. Student holidays must be taken over the period of a full calendar week i.e. Monday to Friday. If you take an agreed holiday, your course dates (tuition) will be extended to make up for the lost tuition time. No holiday allowance can be taken on short courses (i.e. less than 12 weeks). Students from outside the EEA area must comply with additional government regulations regarding holiday time, student working conditions and school attendance: Information for students from outside the European Economic Area

Other Important Points:

The Horner School of English may also use nearby additional premises for tuition during peak periods. Horner School does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to personal property while on school premises or while in school provided accommodation. All students are strongly advised to have their own appropriate Accident, Medical, Travel and Personal Insurance to cover theft/loss of personal items, money, emergency medical treatment, travel expenses, delays and curtailments. The Horner School of English reserve the right to change, without notice the contents, dates, times, locations or any other details of course (s) brought about by circumstances beyond the school control for example political events, natural disasters, weather or any other events considered by the school to be pertinent including where the number of enrolments is not enough to operate a course viably.  The right is also reserved to decline any person at any time without liability. The Horner School of English gives notice that all arrangements for transport, tours & activities, examinations and accommodations, are made by the Horner School of English as an agent upon the express condition that the Horner School of English shall not be liable for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of any defect in any vehicle or through the acts of default of any company or persons engaged in conveying the passenger, or in carrying out the services, or otherwise in connection therewith. No responsibility is accepted for losses or additional expenses incurred due to delays or changes to air, sea, rail, bus or other transport services, changes to or cancellation of accommodations, changes to or cancellation of examinations, curtailment due to student illness, closure of the school due to weather events, war, quarantine or other such unforeseen events.

General Conditions:

Students must give advance notice to the school of any special dietary requirements, medical conditions or disorders which will require the consideration of the school, the host family or other service provider. Horner School of English reserve the right to stop services where (in the opinion of the school management) the continued provision of that service would be unsafe or unsuitable.

Please be aware that the nationality mix at apartments, residences, and other student self-catering accommodations is not controlled by Horner School of English.  All clients booking residence, apartment and any other self-catering accommodations are obliged to abide by the Terms and conditions / code of conduct of the specific accommodation booked.

All students should have their own appropriate Accident, Medical and Personal Insurance to cover emergency medical treatment, medical repatriation costs and extra living costs in an emergency. These costs are the sole responsibility of the student.  Refunds may not always be possible and the school will not compensate for tuition time lost due to student illness or other unexpected emergency.

Photography and Film Material

Horner School of English may use photography, film and sound material created by the school during the programme without asking further approval from the students.  The student also accepts that Horner School of English can freely use photography, film and sound material that the student has submitted to social media networks, such as Instagram and Twitter.

Accommodation Extension Requests:

If you would like to extend your accommodation dates (i.e. to stay longer than originally booked), it is first necessary to speak with the accommodation office to check for availability. Accommodation extensions cannot always be guaranteed, we therefore recommend that you speak with the accommodation manager as early as possible. This point is especially important where students wish to extend accommodation bookings during the Summer Season or remain with the host family for an extended period. It is not possible to provide Host Family Accommodation over the Christmas and New Year holiday (2-week period).

Cancellation Policy (individual student bookings):

  • Notice of cancellation or postponement must be sent to and applies from the date the email is received by Horner School of English.
  • All students are advised to have their own Medical, Travel and Personal Insurance to cover theft/loss of personal items, money, emergency medical treatment, travel expenses, delays, and curtailments.
  • Students applying for a Study Visa, must also refer to the student refund policy as listed below: Visa Application & Visa Refusal.

Cancellation of The Tuition Fees:

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  • The course registration fee, (€75.00) is a non-refundable fee.
  • No refund of fees is available where a course change is taken to a less intensive course, that is for example, a request to change from STD Plus to STD Course.
  • After arrival, a change from a group course to individual tuition will incur additional costs. No transfer of the existing course value is allowed.
  • Course fees are non-transferrable.
  • Examination fees are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.
  • The IELTS full-time course, 20 lessons per week requires a minimum of 6 persons per class to operate.  If this number is not reached an alternative course will be offered.
  • In the event of a Covid-19 lock-down request from government or a whole class quarantine request from public health authorities, classes will be moved online for the period of the disruption.

Cancellation of Host Family Accommodation Fees:

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  • The Accommodation Placement Fee, (€75.00) is a non-refundable fee.

Cancellation of Student Residence / Apartments / Hotel & Guest House Accommodation Fees:

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  • The Accommodation Placement Fee, (€75.00) is a non-refundable fee.
  • The Residence Booking Deposit (€250) is a non refundable fee.
  • Refund requests after the 28 day cut off period, (28 days before arrival) are at the discretion of the residence building management company concerned and not Horner School of English. University residence & apartment accommodations are operated by “third party operators” not Horner School of English.

Visa Applications and Visa Refusals (Work & Study):

Students from outside the EEA – European Economic Area, may be required to obtain a visa to enter Ireland. At least 6 weeks are needed to process visa applications. Cancellations are not permitted after the visa supporting documentation has been issued by the school. Students who fail to obtain their visas will be refunded fees paid, less a school processing fee of €250 euro. Written proof of the visa refusal must be supplied to the School by email to

Course Registration Fees, & Accommodation Placement Fees are non-refundable fees. Medical Insurance Fees, (once insurance is activated) can not be refunded. Examination Fees once examination enrolment sent, can not be refunded. Any balance of fees will be returned within 20 working days of the visa refusal being received and verified by Horner School. Students from outside the EEA Area attending Long Stay Courses (staying in Ireland longer than 90 days) must comply with additional regulations. Information for students from outside the European Economic Area

Terms and conditions are updated each year during December and apply for the following 12 months. Where a student continues their study period from one calendar year into the next, the updated terms will apply from the 1st January in the new year.  In the event that new government legislation or amendments to existing Irish legislation, contradict these terms, then the new legislation must immediately take precedence. Agents and service providers working on behalf of Horner School of English Ltd. will be deemed to have agreed to all terms and conditions without variation.