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Tours and Excursions at The Horner School, Dublin

Future Events

  • EventApr 28

    Irish Traditional Music Class

    Irish music & dancing lesson

    Learn about….The history of our land. Irish folk stories & Celtic legends.

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  • EventApr 30

    Discover the Art Collection at National Art Gallery

    National Gallery of Ireland -Dublin

    Teacher, Arran will provide a short lesson here at the school to introduce some the most famous art pieces.  You will also hear interesting stories and learn about some of the Irish artists on show at the gallery.  After the short lesson, we will go to the National Art Gallery to view the pieces and have a short Guided Tour of the Gallery.

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  • EventApr 30

    CEILI NIGHT With Irish Traditional Music & Dancing

    Ceili night

    EVENING – IRISH MUSIC CEILI night.  Irish Dancing & Live Irish Music.  Dancing displays and Irish Traditional Singing.  Learn to dance some of the (easy) Irish Set Dances (or just watch, if you prefer not to learn the steps).  Starts…

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  • EventMay 5

    How to find a job in Ireland

    Classroom Horner School Dublin

    Free Class: Design your curriculum vitae; job advertisements in the newspaper; Interview skills. Meet at school at 14.00 (Intermediate level and above). Please check with the office for classroom location

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  • EventMay 7

    Animal Magic

    Teacher Arran and our students  at the National History Museum

    Animal Magic: at the Natural History Museum, a mix of English vocabulary and natural history with teacher Arran. You’ll describe animals, and learn animal vocabulary and expressions.  What will you remember afterwards?  Do you have the memory of an elephant? …

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Living in Dublin

  • Halpenny-Bridge-Dublin
    English Dublin Ireland

    Irish people are relaxed,  happy to share a drink, some conversation and invite you to join the “craic”.   Learn more about Ireland and Dublin.

Irish music & dancing lesson

Past Events

  • EventApr 23

    Speaking Skills (How to debate a Topic)

    Classroom Horner School Dublin

    Free Class: Speaking skills (How to debate a Topic). Divide into small groups, prepare your arguments on a particular topic. Debate the topic in class. For intermediate level and above.

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  • EventApr 21

    Origami Workshop


    Origami Workshop: Join us to the Origami Workshop and get ready to have fun and be inspired!Origami is fun, creative, and amazing!! You will explore the world of paperfolding and learn how to make origami shapes:)

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  • EventApr 18

    Glendalough & Kilkenny City Tour

    Kilkenny City

    Full day guided coach tour into Wicklow Mountains & Kilkenny

    "Wild Wicklow Mountains"

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  • EventApr 16

    Guinness Storehouse


    Guinness Storehouse, Exhibition & Bar !

    "Dublin's Number 1 Visitor Attraction..."

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  • EventApr 15

    Evening PUB QUIZ

    Pub quiz :)

    Evening PUB QUIZ with The Horner School Team. The quiz will start at 20.00hrs.  Meet your friends, make your team and join the crowd for a very challenging evening! Check the location with the reception

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