Students from outside the European Economic Area, remaining in Ireland longer than 90 days, must register with The Immigration Service Delivery Office. Please read the following guidelines:

Step 1: Make an online appointment with the immigration office.

Long-term students (staying in Ireland 90 days or more) from outside the EEA area MUST register in person at the ISD (Immigration Service Delivery Office) in Dublin. . You are not required to register if you are staying less than 90 days.

To register a permission for the first time, please call Freephone 1800 800 630.

Step 2: Prepare your financial documents.

You should bring the following financial documents to your meeting with Immigration to show you have sufficient monies to remain in Ireland.

  • A Bank statement must show a balance of (at least) €4200 for visa required students (Turkey, Mongolia, Peru, Ecuador, etc) and €3000 for non-Visa students (Brazil, Japan, Mexico…)
  • The bank statement must be a recent copy, i.e. this should be no older than 1 month.
  • Your name, address, account number and account type must be visible on the statement.
  • The Bank Account should be in your own name (same name as showing in your passport) or your sponsor’s name
  • You should have a bank card that you can use in a bank machine in Ireland to withdraw money or make payments.
  • The bank card should be for the same account .

Step 3: Register with Immigration –

Immigration Service Delivery Office. 13/14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2

On the day of the appointment you should bring the following documents to the immigration office:

  • NEW Letter of Registration from the school to prove that you are a registered student. Imigration will not accept an older document. Please ask for this document from Horner School office  a few days in advance of your appointment.
  • Valid Passport.
  • Bank Statement, you must have at least €3000 (€4200 for visa requiring countries) in your bank account. Your bank statement can be from an Irish bank or your own bank in your home country.  
  • You must also have a bank card to pay the immigration registration fee.
  • Registration Fee €300 – Pay by bank card or bank giro only (Giro transfer form available at ISD office) cash is not accepted.
  • Medical Insurance to cover Irish Hospitals (You can purchase this insurance directly from the Horner School, €130.00 – 8-Month Policy)

Academic Year Courses & The Right to Work in Ireland:

If you hold a passport from a country located outside of the European Economic Area and wish to have the right to work in Ireland during your studies you should register for one of the ILEP approved courses i.e. with  25 weeks of classes. These courses are called Academic Year Courses.  Academic Year Students register with the school for 35 weeks, i.e. 25 weeks course plus 10 weeks holiday. Students are allowed to register for 3 such Academic Year Courses (2 years is the maximum time that a student from outside EEA can remain in Ireland whilst attending English Language Courses) Academic Year Students are permitted to work (part time) 20 hours per week during the full 35 week period and (full time) 40 hours per week during certain defined dates Summer 1st June – 30th September (4 months) students may work full time up to 40 hrs. per week. Winter: 15th December – 15th January (1 month) students may work full time up to 40 hrs. per week. Academic Year Students must take an approved exit examination (Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE, IELTS, TIE). You will have already paid the Exam Fee in advance of arrival. Horner School will register you for the end of course exam and will discuss the arrangements (examination date & time) with you directly. Your contact person for this task will be   Examinations are held on specific dates during the year and have closing dates for registration etc. Patricia will discuss your examination requirements with you in the first week of the course.

Attendance Records & Sick Leave:

It is very important that you attend class each day and attend the full timetable allocated to your course. Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service (INIS) must be informed when students are absent for prolonged periods or if the attendance register shows that a student has less than 85% attendance on the course at any time during their stay. Teachers record attendance in class every morning at 09.30 and then again at 11.30hrs (after coffee break). Attendance is also recorded during the afternoon fluency, business and exam classes. All students should maintain at least an 85% attendance record at all times. Students arriving 15 to 30 minutes late will be marked with ‘L’ on the attendance register. They will be allowed to join the class but will not be credited with attendance for first lesson of the session. Students arriving 30 or more minutes late will be marked with “A” (absent) for the first 2 lessons of the session and will not be allowed to join the class until the next scheduled break. Certified Sick-Leave Policy: Students presenting a valid doctor’s note for a certified sick leave period will not have their attendance reduced for the period of the doctors certificate. Students must contact the school on the first day of the sickness to advise of the illness and the expected duration of the absence. On return to the school, students must present the original doctors certificate to cover the full period of the absence. Failure to follow these steps will mean that a student is absent without certification. Uncertified absences will be marked as absent from class and the student will receive a reduced attendance record. Horner School cannot compensate for tuition time lost due to certified or uncertified sick leave absence. Expulsion Policy: There is a 4 step policy in operation, Students receive a verbal warning, followed by a written warning issued within two weeks. If attendance still does not improve a letter is issued to GNIB within 2 more weeks to inform them of the attendance issue. Expulsion procedures are commenced if a student’s attendance does not improve within the next 4 weeks and the student does not provide a valid explanation for the problems. All issues relating to attendance policy should be addressed to Derek Bettencourt, Director of Studies: Email:

Taking holidays during the school term:

Holiday (breaks from class) may be taken during long stay courses, that is, full-time courses of 12 weeks or more. Unfortunately no holiday time can be taken on shorter courses. Holidays must be requested in advance at the beginning of your course. All holidays must be taken over the period of a full calendar week, Monday to Friday. The school will normally close for 2 weeks Christmas holiday and this time must be considered as part of the allowed holiday period.

  • Two weeks holiday time is permitted for course bookings of 12 to 24 weeks.
  • Up to eight weeks holiday time is permitted for course bookings of 25 weeks or longer (Academic Year Courses / ILEP Courses)
  • Holiday periods cannot exceed 1/3 of the already completed studied weeks, at any time.
  • No unscheduled breaks are permitted unless permission is obtained in writing from David, Janice or Trevor Horner . Requests of this nature will only be considered in very special circumstances such as close family bereavement.

P.P.S Number (Tax Number for Employment): Social Welfare Office, 22 Kings Inn street

Normally you will not be able to apply for your PPS number until after you have found employment in Ireland. At that point you should ask your employer to supply you with a letter of employment. Take this to the Social Welfare Office together with proof of your living address and a copy of your passport.

Medical Insurance:

All students from outside the European Economic Area must have evidence of medical insurance when arriving at Dublin Airport & registering with Irish Immigration (INIS). This insurance policy covers students for medical costs in Irish hospitals and also medical repatriation back to their home country if necessary. The Insurance is underwritten by ACE Insurance Company. ACE provide the support to the student in the event of an accident. The student is issued with a policy document with all the relevant contact details, on arrival in Ireland (by our school). The policy is valid in Ireland and also covers the student for up to 14 days travel (14 days max) to any country within Europe or the European Economic Area. A copy of the policy document can be found here: 8 Month Medical Insurance costs €130.00 (This is an Irish Government visa approved insurance scheme).