The First Day:

Your first day at school (usually Monday) will begin at 09.00 with a short written and spoken language test to establish your language level. After the grading test you will attend the Orientation Session for new students, where you will receive your timetable and other important information relating to your course.  Students should bring a notebook and a pen for the grading test. After the test and orientation sessions, you will join your class for the first lesson at about 10.45/11.00

If you are attending a One to One Course or a specialised business course please attend at 08.45. Grading will take place immediately and you will be placed with your teacher on completion of said test. Introductions to the directors and staff of the Horner School will be made during the morning coffee break.

Horner School of English

40 Fitzwilliam St. Upper, Dublin 2, Ireland +35316622911-

Emergency Contact

In the event of an emergency outside of normal office hours, please contact us at +353863886071

Standard Course Students
All students should come to the Horner School of English, Dublin for 09.00 on their first day (usually Monday) for their Grading Test and Orientation Session.

Grading Test (approx 1 hour)
This is a straightforward multiple choice written test, listening test and short spoken interview with a teacher. The test is essential to determine each student’s exact level of English, to ensure correct placement in the class group most suited to his/her particular level. We offer five class levels:  A1 Elementary, A2 Pre-Intermediate, B1 Intermediate, B2 Upper Intermediate, C1 Advanced.

Orientation Session (approx 30 mins)
Immediately following the Grading Test, all new students will be introduced to staff members in a relaxed and informal setting. Students then receive an Information Pack containing full details on their chosen course, daily timetables, etc.  All students also receive maps of Dublin, bus and train information and useful information relating to their stay.

Your course will commence at 11.00 hrs (approx.) on the first day,

Why Choose Horner School

  • City Centre Location
  • 25 Years in Business
  • Smaller Class Groups
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Accommodation Choices
  • Social Activity Programme
  • Courses for Adults +18
  • Internationally Mixed Classes
  • Latest Technologies
  • Attention to Detail