Cycling is a very popular mode of transport in Dublin City and with the rising costs of public transport in the city, you will find that investing in a second hand bicycle is perhaps the most economical way of getting to and from work or school each day.  Dublin is a relatively flat city (not so many hills) and many of the streets now have dedicated cycle lanes.

There are a number of shops in Dublin that take old bikes and recycle them into working machines, sometimes by mending them, sometimes by completely rebuilding them.
The stock of bikes for sale changes from week to week.

Mountain bikes start at €130
Hybrid bikes start at €150
Road bikes start at €200

Dublin Bike Man has a website where you can view his current stock of second hand bikes here . He will then meet you in the city centre so you can check the bike and purchase if you like.

Belfield Bike Shop is located in the university (UCD) not far from Horner School.  They have a number of second hand bikes available and will also arrange a buy back deal where they sell you a new bike and buy it back from you (for up to 50% of the value) at the end of your stay in Ireland.

Bolton Cycle Shop, 33 Bolton Street have a good range of second hand bikes available.

The Bike Institute on Dorset Street also has a range of second hands

Another option is to trawl through the list of second hand bikes on the internet sites.  Donedeal has one of the biggest listings.

Gumtree is another website with a great listing of second hand bikes for sale.

And one final piece of advice, don’t forget to buy yourself a good quality lock and a good quality cycling helmet.