Here are our top 10 recommendations for “How to Choose the best English Language School in Dublin City”

Recent research by the Irish Government estimates that more than 100,000 international students study English in Ireland each year. Many students choose Dublin as their study destination . There are approximately 66 regulated English Language Schools in Ireland and numerous English Language schools in Dublin City, so how do students choose the best english language schools in Dublin from such a wide choice of organisations?

  1. Choose an ACELS approved school. English language schools in Ireland are regulated by ACELS an Irish government organisation. ACELS sets out the basic minimum standards for Irish government approval.
  2. What age group do you wish to study with ? Are you an adult student and would like to study in class with other adults ?  Ask the school what the minimum age of the students will be.      
  3. Look at the social media channels Facebook / Instagram for the schools on your list. Check the feedback from past and present students, what are the customers saying about the organisation. Read the reviews left by past students of the Horner School. See our latest Google Reviews Here
  4. Class Size & Levels: Most schools in Ireland offer a class size of 15 students per class, some schools offer smaller group sizes. At Horner School our maximum is 14 but our average is more like 10 per class. 
  5. Does the school guarantee at least 5 class levels at all times ? (A1 Elementary; A2 Pre-Intermediate; B1 Intermediate; B2 Upper Intermediate; C1 Advanced).
  6. International Mix: Look at the breakdown of nationalities interacting on the school Facebook Page and the other social media channels. Does the school guarantee an international mix ?
  7. Teachers: A language school is only as good as its teachers and we believe that all students should learn from a native speaker of the language. Check the school website for a listing of the teaching staff!
  8. School location is very important, is the school close to public transport, how far from the City Centre etc. Check all this information before you book.
  9. Have you thought about your accommodation, would you like to live with a host family ? Perhaps you would like to stay in a school residence house or rent an apartment.  Can your school organise all these options ? Click here to see the range of accommodation offers for students studying at Horner School – English Language School in Dublin City 
  10. Social activities after school are an important part of the experience. A great way to meet people, make new friends and experience the culture of Ireland. Click here for a list of Horner School Excursions.

Horner School of English is a respected English Language School in Dublin City with more than 25 years experience.  We cater exclusively for adults over the age of 18 years.  We offer a wide range of services and our attention to detail is well known within the industry.  If you are looking for a quality English Language Course in Dublin City we would be delighted to assist you with your booking:

Quality English Association said about Horner School of English … “Horner School has seriously high standards of academic management and welfare combined with a keen attention to detail, you will not be disappointed”.

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