Student Residence in DublinLooking for an English language Course with accommodation in Dublin City this Summer ? You should seriously consider The Standard English Course or the Standard Plus Fluency Course. Both courses are available every Monday and are offered at 5 ability levels. Classes are arranged in small groups with mixed nationalities. Language assessments and progress tests are completed in class at the end of every week !

Our recommendation for Summer Accommodation in Dublin City Center is IFSC City Residence. The residence is located 15 minutes walk from the Horner School. All private single bedrooms with private bathrooms and shared kitchens. Free Wi-Fi internet. In our opinion this is the very best student residence available in Dublin City Centre and it is available ONLY to students studying at Horner School of English.

Example of the Total Costs for above Summer Package (4 weeks):

Standard Course (4 weeks) 896.00
Registration Fee 75.00
Textbook for the course 32.00
IFSC City Residence (4 weeks) 912.00
Accommodation Administration Fee 55.00
TOTAL COST 1970.00

Students can also join our exciting Summer social programme and make use our self-access facilities.   Horner School is located in Dublin City Center so it is very easy to explore the sights of Dublin.